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Maintenance Options

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A wide range of maintenance plans & services

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Explore our range of essential maintenance services


Adjusted & lubricated for smooth & responsive stopping


Adjusted & lubricated for quick, precise gear changes


Frame wiped & polished to keep your bike looking new


Derailleur, chain gear & chairing deep cleaned & lubricated for an extra smooth ride

Bottom Bracket

cleaning & lubrication of Bottom Bracket bearings for quiet, low-friction pedaling


Brake & shifter cable/housing installed for precise shifting & stopping

Steering & pedaling

headset & bottom bracket bearings adjusted for comfortable, low friction riding


Hub bearings & spokes adjusted for a smooth efficient ride

New Parts

Installation of new drivetrain component as needed

Pricing Plans & Individual Services

  • Adjust front and rear derailleurs
  • Adjust front and rear brakes
  • Torque all bolts
  • Wipe down frame
  • Wash bike
  • Adjust front and rear derailleurs
  • Adjust front and rear brakes
  • Check chain for wear
  • Adjust/check headset
  • Torque all bolts
  • Truing of both wheels
  • Adjust hubs
  • Adjust crank
  • Includes everything in Standard Tune Up, plus
  • Removal, cleaning, and re-installation of drive train, brakes, and seat post
  • Re-pack hubs, headset, and bottom bracket
  • Cables and housings are replaced
  • Bearings and hubs are lubed and adjusted
  • Wash and detail bike
  • Installation of new tires and tubes

Handlebar Replacement (Road)


Handlebar Replacement (MTB)


Handlebar Tape Change (Road)


Handlebar Tape Change (MTB)


Saddle install & adjust


Tube Replacement


Aerobar install w/ wrap


Full Bike Wash


We work with some of the biggest brands


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Orlando, FL 32837