Our software allows to make 3D
Measurement of the full body in real time and more than 100 images per second.
We are a unique and advance
Cycling solution that focus on the needs of the individual cyclist
Throughout our dynamic geometric tracking system
We make sure cyclist aerodynamic improve to maximize performance and minimize injures.
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Get significantly more power and reduce fatigue



The right position on your bike allows you to put power down smoother, more efficiently and for longer. Your position will be optimized so that the right muscle groups are engaged when they should be.


comfort of your ride

Having a completely tailored bike fit, appropriate to your own body's geometry, is key to not only a comfortable ride, but an efficient one at that.



The difference in air pressure from your front to your back creates a drag force. Aerodynamic shapes reduce this pressure drag by minimizing that difference in pressure and allowing the air to flow more smoothly over your front and reduce the low-pressure wake behind you.

Outstanding technology that calculates specific data!

Complete a Biomechanical study with 3DMA of STT system and GebioMized. We will work with the most advance and complete biomechanical analysis on the market to obtain all the necessary data from the cyclists.

Our Services

Bike Fitting

A bike that fits well and is right for your height, flexibility and riding style is a bike you’ll love riding. A bike that fits poorly can lead to inefficient riding, muscle aches and pains, and general discomfort that might discourage you from riding as long or as far as you want.

Assembly of cycles and tune-ups

Need help to build your bike or need a tune up? First, we recommended you get a bike tune-up every 2000 miles, but it’s great to check things off this list.

Our Mission

Support our cyclists and their bikes to improve performance for a sustainable ride using our art bike fitting through a bio-mechanic study. Through our dynamic goniometric and automated market tracking system, we make cyclist aerodynamics improve to reach full potential power.