Cycling 3DMA

Cycling 3DMA is a 3D Full body motion capture system allowing real time automatic analysis of the riders entire body; this means every joint.

3D Motion capture Cycling 3DMA belongs to a family of products built upon ‘3DMA’, a powerful 3D motion capture engine used by biomechanists, sport scientists, PT and doctors all over the world through its various packages. In particular, Cycling 3DMA is taylored to meet the requirements of bike fitters and it presents relevant information on the cyclist’s full body posture on the bike.

REAL-TIME ANALYSIS Data sets are presented live and automatically: Parameters, graphs and 3D views. Get immediate feedback for any dynamic adjustment of the bike.

 TRUE 3D: A FULL 360º VIEW Motion capture cameras track markers in 3D space which are used to reconstruct the actual body motion. Use pan, tilt and zoom tools to move around at will.

PRECISION & ACCURACY A well-calibrated system boasts millimetric precision and accuracy in marker tracking. Seamlessly detect 1-2 mm marker shifts anywhere in the ‘capture volume

Gebiomized Pressure Matters

In every bike fitting, gebioMized strives for the best possible unity of rider and bike. Central in this regard is the individually perfect balance of performance, comfort, and aerodynamics.

Using high-definition video technique and pressure measurement on all points of contact, we conduct all analyses under realistic conditions.